Supply Chain Capabilities

OCTAL's on-site capacity and strategic location in the Salalah Free Zone enables us to use the deep water Port of Salalah which caters to the world's largest ocean-faring vessels and utilizes east-west shipping lanes to serve customers worldwide with large orders within 14-18 days.


We offer road, sea, air, each offering distinct advantages as well as intermodal shipping options usually sea + rail + road, the advantage being mostly in the 'rail' portion, and mostly related to environment.

OCTAL offers DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipments to take care of the whole process for the customer. Our complete end-to-end service is available upon request to assist customers with warehouse storage and handling.


Outside of the standard shipping methods, OCTAL allows customers to place large orders at a cost-effective shipping rate with seabulk deliveries to the USA , ensuring customers receive their goods within 15 days.

Palletless Shipping

Designed by OCTAL, our 'Palletless Shipping' has been proven to eliminate damage to rolls by maintaining even weight distribution, while providing a generally more efficient shipping system. Instead of using pallets, rolls are unloaded from shipping crates onto plastic pallets and kept within the warehouse, reducing the risk of contamination of the manufacturing facility from outside dust or debris. This safe, clean and cost-effective way to ship rolls makes palletless shipping the standard shipping configuration at OCTAL. Alternate configurations are also available upon customer request.