Environmental Responsibility

OCTAL was founded on a commitment to the principles of sustainability which has since shaped the development of our facilities and production methods. We work closely with customers to help make their product more sustainable and reduce the impact their products have on the environment.

We have developed a superior packaging material which has been proven to have a much smaller environmental footprint when compared to other packaging solutions in the market. Our patented technologies continue to drive innovation and assist customers in choosing the ideal packaging product for their needs.

Since launching in 2006, we have invested $600m in the creation of a purpose-designed production facility to provide customers with a market-leading product that can be formed to fit any size and offer enhanced display properties which exceed environmental standards. 

Life Cycle Analysis

An independent Life Cycle Analysis conducted by Intertek Expert Services, the world's leading independent quality assurance agency, concluded that the production of OCTAL DPET™ Sheet and PET Resin: