We have developed a strong presence within the community through sponsorship activities and initiatives that raise awareness of health and environmental matters, as well as enhancing the opportunities available to people across Oman and internationally.

    Clean Up Oman - We sponsored and participate in Oman's largest nationwide clean-up. OCTAL employees worked to restore the Dahariz Beach in Salalah

    National Association of Cancer Awareness - OCTAL provided sponsorship for a walkathon organized by this important organization. The walkathon celebrated those who have battled cancer while increasing public awareness of the disease. Hundreds of Salalah citizens and residents, including OCTAL employees, participated.

    Earth Day - OCTAL planted 50 frankincense trees on the Salalah campus greenbelt as part of an effort to increase biodiversity and combat desertification in the region.

    Omani Scholarships - OCTAL provides scholarships for Omani employees to attend career advancement programs at local universities, as well as scholarships for the children of our employees.

  • Eid Al Adha Initiative - OCTAL partnered with charitable organization Dar Al Atta'a to provide food vouchers for low income families.
  • Society of Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities - OCTAL donated to this important charity and used artwork created by the children to decorate company greeting cards.
  • Support for Local Artists - OCTAL provides financial support to Omani artists and supplies their work as gifts for OCTAL guests.
  • Red Cross - OCTAL has held fundraising efforts and donated funds for the victims of natural disasters including Typhoon Washi and the Tohoku Japanese earthquake.
  • Typhoon Haiyan Relief support - In partnership with the ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. (AFI), a charity based in the Philippines, OCTAL and employees made donations, raised funds, collected supplies and shipped items to support the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.
  • Recognizing the importance of engaging with our stakeholders, we frequently consult our investors, employees, the local community, customers and trade associations to implement the latest ideas and help our customers grow.
  • We value customer feedback and stakeholder involvement, which has always been a critical factor in the evolution of OCTAL. Our success has helped drive the innovation of our products and enabled us to serve customers more effectively. We continue to formally engage our stakeholders by hosting feedback forums.
  • OCTAL is taking a leading role in preparing the next generation of Omanis for prominent positions in packaging. We work closely with local schools, colleges and universities to enhance the capabilities of students, as well as providing internships and training programs to talented candidates.
  • OCTAL launched its Omani Nationals Technical Development Program in January 2012, which trains Omani graduates in petrochemical technologies. This program was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Manpower and the Technical Administrative Training Institute.
  • OCTAL has provided more than 70 internships to local students from Omani universities and technical colleges.
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, OCTAL sponsored a 3-day Scouts & Guides Camp. 90 students attended this sustainability-focused educational program. OCTAL provided presentations about the manufacturing and recycling processes of PET plastics.
  • OCTAL supported a new training program, conceived by the Omani Journalists Association to offer English language courses at universities in the USA and UK to Omani journalism students.
  • OCTAL channeled US $180 million worth of contracts to companies in Oman, including raw materials, pallets, packaging materials, spare parts and contributes 15% to the country's non-oil exports.